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Webserver and Mailserver question


Webserver and Mailserver question
« on: April 13, 2006, 03:45:20 PM »
I am a programmer thrown into the deep end with our server! So i hope someone can help me.

Ok, we have our internal network with a seperate mail server and a webserver.

We want to host our website in-house, so i configured the router to forward all http requests to our webserver. All working fine, untill i realized that i couldn't access my mail externally.

Casue all http requests were passed onto the webserver.

Can i use a different port, when accessing mail from outside the network? From what i have read until now, you can have http point only to one port, so this doesn't seem to be an option.

Can i set up another port to point to the mail server? Or is there another solution...?

Any help is appreciated.