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Changing anaconda for custom install


Changing anaconda for custom install
« on: May 04, 2006, 11:06:08 PM »
We have machines in the field that have SME 6 loaded on them and identical looking machines that have another Linux on them.  Sometimes the user inserts the CD and reboots the box only to install SME on the wrong system!

I would like for a way to modify the installer.  Currently if it sees a previous install, you need to enter "more options" and finally get to typing in "install".  Of course, we have people that are good at shooting themselves in the foot anyway, then call to say they messed up!

I would like to change it, so if it finds a specific partition I am looking for, it will either stop, or prompt the user to enter some secret word.  This would prevent them from over-laying the wrong system.  For example, if it finds partition "XXX", then I know they are on the wrong system.

Has anyone done this in the past and how easy is it?  I tried to add a "%pre" section to the anaconda config but it seems like this is a little late in the process for me to add my changes.  Besides, I can't figure out how to tell where SME will be installing the system.  It may have /tmp/hda3 mounted or some other disk, maybe /tmp/sda3.

Any help here?