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SME Server starting problem Syntax error on line 134 SSL SertificateFile

Offline Talal Javaid

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Yesterday on my sme server. Yesterday i put it on usb backup. today morning when I came I saw the message that usb dont have enough space. remove the device. so i removed the device and click next. it came back to main screen i.e where you have five option what u want to do.. e.g  restart shutdown server, usb backup, server configer,. server manager. ect. Just to refresh, i restart the server.  every thing was ok.. as soon as it came to the screen where it say Login:.  a error came i.e " Syntax error on line 134 of /ect/httpd/conf/httpd.conf:
SSLCertificateFile: file ' /home/e-smith/ssl.crt/server1.sajjadhaider.co.srt' does not exist or is empty. and this message keeps comming like an infinate loop

can any one help me.. i have never used linux. don't even know how to go to command promt to write command. please give me detail walkthrough . or atleast let me know if its possible to make that server running as same .. there is lots of data \ user \ server setting inside that server i don't want to lose it.. please help or even just tell if that problem is solve able.
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