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New User - Changing subnet range, so need to change network details on SME Serv

Offline MB1980

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This may be a basic question (1st time I've come across these servers), but how do you change the ip details on SME server? I'm amending the office subnet this Friday

I've connected via the browser and can only see Local Networks>Add local network.

When I click review server configurationI can see DNS server ip's, but where do I change DNS?


Offline Stefano

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login as root on server's console then
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and choose "configure this server" menu item
you're done

Offline CharlieBrady

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login as root on server's console then
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Simpler is just to login as 'admin' on server's console, then choose the appropriate menu options.

Offline janet

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So that you get the best experience possible using sme server, you should really read the manual, ,there is a link at the top of these forums.
All your basic usage questions should be covered by the manual.
Please search before asking, an answer may already exist.
The Search & other links to useful information are at top of Forum.