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BackupPC and Xfer > BackupFilesExclude

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BackupPC and Xfer > BackupFilesExclude
« on: August 13, 2018, 06:32:39 AM »
Hi all,

1) In localserver-template, Xfer > BackupFilesExclude, there is the directory to exclude: /var/lib/BackupPC
   In smeserver-template,   Xfer > BackupFilesExclude, there is the directory to exclude: /var/lib/BackupPC/

According to: http://backuppc.sourceforge.net/BackupPC-4.1.1.html

Also, for tar, do not use a trailing "/" in the directory name: a trailing "/" causes the name to not match and the directory will not be excluded.

For the smeserver-template it is OK because beside the host of BackupPC, there should not be another SME Server having a /var/lib/BackupPC directory.
Will it be better just to not put it at all in the smeserver-template: Xfer > BackupFilesExclude

2) The 3 sub-directories on the BackupPC host should be included in the backup but they are excluded by excluding /var/lib/BackupPC.:
* /var/lib/BackupPC/etc - Storing config files
* /var/lib/BackupPC/log - All the log files
* /var/lib/BackupPC/.ssh - Files related to SSH BackupPC host, including the SSH keys to log into other SME Servers without using a pssword to do the backup.

The solution will be to take out /var/lib/BackupPC and exclude only:
* /var/lib/BackupPC/cpool
* /var/lib/BackupPC/pc
* /var/lib/BackupPC/pool

3) There is a /initrd in both templates but there is no such directory as /intrd.
   - Am I missing something?

4) There is the directory /var/lib/mysql in the BackupFilesExclude.
   - Why excluding this directory?

5) The files:
* /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules
  - should be excluded so to not stop the communication if there is a full restoration to another machine
    or the NIC card is changed before the restoration on the same machine.
* /etc/fstab
  - should be excluded so to not jeopardize the mounting of disks if there is a full restoration after
    a disk having been replaced.

Any comment appreciated,

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