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Updates SME9.2

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Updates SME9.2
« on: January 29, 2020, 07:56:38 AM »
The following are in the process of being pushed to the mirrors for updates to Koozali SME9, the syncing of mirrors may take up to 24hrs to complete, while we have tested and validated all, it is on OUR test systems, not yours, as always be vigilant and report any issues.

This and other work of late is due to a very small team, we need more hands, if you want to be involved let us know.

29 January 2020

SME built or modified packages - Basic ChangeLogs including Bug number

Update to 1.3.145-25.el6.sme

Was 0.100.2-4.el6.sme Now 0.100.2-6.el6.sme
- Update clamav-db as per epel last spec file [SME: 10754]
to add clamav-update as provides

Was 2.4.0-44.el6.sme Now 2.4.0-46.el6.sme
- fixed bug on the dar catalog when backups are not added in it [SME: 10781]
- Backported from [SME: 9563]
- Added e-smith-backup-2.4.0.bz10781.UpdateDarCatalogFollowingBackups.patch
- Console Backup, use lsblk instead of hal [SME: 9126]

Was 5.6.0-34.el6.sme Now 5.6.0-36.el6.sme
- fix unwanted start of non SME dhcpd deamon on update [SME: 10455]
- Eliminated rpmbuild "bogus date" warnings due to inconsistent weekday,
by assuming the date is correct and changing the weekday.
- modify the default city and company [SME: 8168]

Was 2.4.0-1.el6.sme Now 2.4.0-3.el6.sme
- add translation for CSRF [SME: 10626]
- add CSRF patch [SME: 10626] - thank you to Daniel Berteaud

Was 2.4.0-16.el6.sme Now 2.4.0-18.el6.sme
- Revert prev change regarding tap_soft, as it's not needed [SME: 10444]

Was 2.6.0-22.el6.sme Now 2.6.0-25.el6.sme
- add message to indicate EOL after Nov 30 2020 [SME: 10171]

Was 9.03.58-1.el6.sme.1 Now 9.03.61-2.el6.sme
- Rebase on upstream 9.03.61 [SME: 10615]
- Don't try to run plymouth if disabled [SME: 8375]
- Make slapd service an alias for ldap [SME: 8635]
- Add -n 1 to the dmesg line in rc.sysinit to prevent unwanted
messages appearing on the console [SME: 8277]
- Add hack for running rc7.d script during runlevel 4 [SME: 7217]

Was 0.93-2.el6.sme Now 0.93-6.el6.sme
- add timeout 2min on CSRF token [SME: 10626]
- new patch version [SME: 10626]
- add perl(Session::Token) [SME: 10626]
- add CSRF patch [SME: 10626] - thank you to Daniel Berteaud

Was 2009041301-1.el6.rf Now 2009041301-1.el6.sme

Was 2.27-1.el6.rf Now 2.28-1.el6.sme
- First build using cpanspec [SME: 9328]

Was 1.23-1.el6.rf Now 1.24-1.el6.sme
- First build using cpanspec [SME: 9323]

Was 1.03-18.el6.sme Now 1.03-24.el6.sme
- update to last version of patch [SME: 9349]
- update using last patch for netqmail, only qmail-remote part [SME: 9349]
- add DEBUG flag for the moment to help configuring -DDEBUG=1
- fixed compilation line in spec file [SME: 9349]
- now TLS and EHLO are defined to allow proper compilation
- add remote tls transport for qmail-remote [SME: 9349]
- used qmail-1.03-tls-20021228-renato_v2.patch without qmail-smtpd parts
- added documentation [SME: 9704]
- added binaries ipmetest et ipmeprint to help configuration
- add moreip to avoid loop [SME: 9704]
- patch from Scott Gifford
- remove qmail- as it is included

Was 2.4.0-5.el6.sme Now 2.4.0-6.el6.sme
- fix deprecated AllowSupplementaryGroups warning [SME: 10837]
- increase lower memory limit to 1GB [SME: 10832]

Was 2.4.0-27.el6.sme Now 2.4.0-32.el6.sme
- apply locale 2019-12-06 patch
- fix forgotten %patch line
- apply locale 2018-12-14 patch
- apply locale 2017-12-02 patch

Was 2.4.0-23.el6.sme Now 2.4.0-27.el6.sme
- add requirement for perl(File::Slurp) [SME: 10250]
- switch to vault for upstream repos after EOL [SME: 10250]

Was 3.4.1-1.el6.sme Now 3.4.2-2.el6.sme
- Obsolete sought.rules.yerp.org references [SME:10597]
- Comment out sought.rules.yerp.org in channels
- update to 3.4.2 [SME: 10597]
- add build require perl(Net::DNS::Nameserver) and import dependencies [SME: 10597]

These are new SME modified Packages

- Update to 1.503
- First build using cpanspec

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