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The contribs for validation/testing are piling up, kick some tyres..

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Hey ladies and gents - we need help to validate the migration of contribs to sme10..the number that need doing is growing by the hour :-) a good thing in this case..best to use a test box or a VM (Proxmox, VMWare, Virtualbox) safer.

Please, just go here and pick one if it installs and seems to do what is intended, just leave a note saying It works or doesn't, if it doesn't add a noite any errors seen - more info if you wish, or leave a not in here re this contrib/Bug 12345 works or it doesn't

Somone will take it from there and release it or look at any issues, there are currently 71 waiting to be released. All sitting in the /smetest repo - note the caveats in other posts about stuff in /smetest /smedev only update or install specific packages NEVER just a # yum update --enablerepo=smetest  as good as a dose of rat poison.

Most are the top of the pops for users etc. go on have some fun

Pick the ones to check from this list


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