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End of Life for SME Server 6.X

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End of Life for SME Server 6.X
« on: January 01, 2007, 12:07:43 AM »
End of Life for SME Server 6.X

December 31, 2006

With the release today of SME Server 7.1, the SME Server updates team is
announcing the immediate End of Life for SME Server Releases 6.5, 6.0.1
and 6.0

We are no longer able to provide any support for these releases
and they are now considered obsolete.

- No further updates will be released
- No security updates will be released
- These releases will be moved into an "obsolete" tree on the mirrors
- Existing SME Server 6.X bugs will be closed with WONTFIX or moved to
the 7.X category
- The SME Server 6.X bug category will be closed for bug entry

If you have not already upgraded to SME7, you should do so immediately.
We consider the ongoing use of SME 6.X (or SME 5.X) to be unsafe without
an ongoing updates stream.

Thank you to Fedora Legacy project

The updates team have relied upon the Fedora Legacy project for security
updates, and that project is no longer supporting RedHat 7.3:


In fact, the Fedora Legacy project is in the process of shutting down:


The updates and development team consider ongoing support of SME Server
6.X without the Fedora Legacy project to be impossible. We would like to
publicly thank the efforts of the members of that project team.

Call for sponsorship and donations

The SME Server project needs your help in order to survive. If you
haven't donated, please do so. If you sell the SME Server as part of
your business you should consider sponsoring the project:


Gordon Rowell
on behalf of the SME Server updates team