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Important: Read before running updates (after 19th April 2008)

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It seems a lot of users are having issues with their server after the last upgrade of April 19th, 2008 as officially announced here.

The problem is caused by contribs not being encoded in the proper charachter set (UTF-8) and results in having disorganized (or not working) server-manager panels.

If you have a SME Server without contribs the upgrade should execute flawlessly and the server-manager should work without problems.

If you have contribs installed you will also need to update them as they also need to have the correct encoding of the locale. After reports in the forums a lot of contribs have been updated to have their locale encoded in the proper format. These updated contribs are located in the SME Server Contribs repository.

The following instructions should resolve the issues for most people, but might leave some problems as not all contribs are in the SME Server Contribs repository:

1. Log in as root user on the SME Server shell
2. Issue the following command:

 yum update --enablerepo=smecontribs
3. After the update make sure you do
 signal-event post-upgrade
 signal-event reboot
If you have other contribs installed that are not in SME Contribs repository you could have a look at the following page in the wiki providing some more information on possible solutions for contribs not in the SME Server Contribs repository:


If they are not listed there please add them and try to contact the author to release a version with UTF-8 encoded locale.

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