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Dynamic DNS Updates from DHCP (PC-0000X , DNS synchroniser) (VPN DNS)

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Dear All,

My first post in here, so first want to congratulate everyone who contributed to get this great system up.

Now about my question:

Is it possible to make the DHCP server auto Update a zone in the DNS so I don't get more pc0000XX blah and get the machine name in the DNS, so I can get the user to create a VPN and then VNC into their computer using the DNS with something like HOSTNAME.lan.organization.com

I don't  see a reason to use the pc-000X thing it really makes thing complicated and with Dynamic DHCP DNS we get the WINS and the DNS to match.

Anyone have set that before on SME 7.X ? I was thinking about just deploying bind + dhcpd but I don't want to brake the compatibility and at the same time setting up user fixed IP's won't help as they change computers or the deployment gets big.

Let me know please

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Re: Dynamic DNS Updates from DHCP (PC-0000X , DNS synchroniser) (VPN DNS)
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2008, 11:45:00 AM »
If it is, nobody ever told me.


So I guess you need a feature request or to do it yourself and add code.

The windows PC's can be set to register in DNS, and they will send traffic, but e-smith's DNS system won't honour them properly.

Do other Linux distros have this problem?

PS: I got the same captcha for two posts.