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[ANNOUNCE]: Last update of ClamAV/Sme-antivirus and sme-spamfilter

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ClamAV has been updated to latest stable 0.93.3.

This is likely to be the absolute last releases of these two tools and I am admittedly surprised to see how many (especially for the spamfilter) is still running SME 6x. Its around 850 Spamfilter servers and ~400 AV servers. Please now take the effort and upgrade to SME7x..

The new release has a statistic client is the stomach that sends a few simple stats items to http://central.swerts-knudsen.dk. This page gives a pretty good overview of how important spamfilters are for all of use - it averages to ~70% of spam!!!. For AV the stats client sends the amount of scanned emails, amount of infected and if any infected the ClamAV name of this virus. For the spamfilter it sends #scanned, #rejected, #tagged emails. The overhead for this stats is insignificant and it only sends less than 1k data each time.

As some of you might have noticed the due to the surprisingly many client it triggered a bug in the client  :-( - this I hope has been fixed now.

I all cases the client can be disabled easily.

SME-Antivirus users:
/sbin/e-smith/db configuration setprop antivirus statsclient [enabled|disabled]

SME-Spamfilter users:
/sbin/e-smith/db /home/e-smith/spamassassin_V3 setprop conf.global statsclient [enabled|disabled]

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