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SME Server 7.6 Release Announcement

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SME Server 7.6 Release Announcement
« on: May 26, 2012, 04:48:07 AM »
SME Server 7.6 Release Announcement

May 25 2012

The SME Server development team is pleased to announce the release of
SME Server 7.6. This release is based on CentOS 4.9 which is the final
version of CentOS 4 and now End of Life.

This is the final ISO release for SME 7, only critical updates will be
provided from now as SME 8 is Released.

The release should be obtained from your closest mirror, see

Bug reports and reports of potential bugs should be raised in the bug
tracker (and only there, please);


Please Note
It may take up to 48 hours for mirrors to finish syncing, during this
time you may experience problems.

About SME Server
SME Server is the leading Linux distribution for small and medium

SME Server is freely available under the GNU General Public License and
is only possible through the efforts of the SME Server community.
However, the availability and quality of SME Server is dependent on
meeting our expenses, such as hosting costs, server hardware, etc.

The development team would like to thank all of those involved in this
release. More people are required to help with bug triage and
verification testing.

Upgrades are available by CD, the Software Installer and command line.
- Always perform a backup prior to major system upgrades
- An upgrade will preserve the existing data

Changes in this release

- Allow for daylight saving changes when running backups.
- Handle removable backup locations when using modern browsers.
- Backup to Workstation to handle full remote disc gracefully.
- Do not make backup fail when due to a modified file.
- The backup to workstation did not correctly handle network drives
  starting with a leading slash. The leading slash is now allowed
  and silently removed.

File Server
- Create .V2 profiles for Windows 7 clients.
- Changes in Samba's "Recycle VFS exclude" syntax (for ibays).
- Change separator character in general Samba configuration file.
- Fix USB fstab issue preventing automatic mount (HAL).

- Allow installation when dmraid present.

- Add Chinese (Taiwan) language.
- Add Hebrew language.
- Other fixes include updated translations for the existing languages.

Mail Server
- TLS Ciphers for qpsmtpd can be configured.
- Fix Pseudonym "local network only" to merge multiple properties.
- Set SO_KEEPALIVE option on client socket to detect dead connections.

Server manager
- There should be strict checking of the IP address and Subnet Mask
  entered into remote access panel before allowing to save successfully.
- Fix handling of double speechmarks in the comment field of the
  hostname panel.

Webmail and Groupware
- Horde, imp, turba and ingo have been updated to the latest versions.
- Add option to verify from address in webmail if setting up additional

Web Server
- Improve validation (error) message for remote access setup.
- Default expose_php to Off for security reasons. A database property
  is added to allow the value to be easily controlled.
  To enable expose_php   /sbin/e-smith/config setprop php ExposePHP On
  To disable expose_php  /sbin/e-smith/config setprop php ExposePHP Off

Other fixes and updates
- Fix group-modify event to honour ibays group assignment.
- Don't exit 99 from e-smith-service script when called with
  'condrestart' and service is disabled.
- Correct the ldif file expansion for groups to include the uid element
  and fix the objectClass.
- Apply patch to allow rsync v3.0+ to work (needs -e parameter).
- Add random wait timer for check4updates script to distribute load on
- Update Clamav to latest version. 
- Update yum to handle CentOS 4 moving to the vault.

Ian Wells
On behalf of the SME Server Development Team
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