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SME Server 8.0 Release Announcement

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SME Server 8.0 Release Announcement
« on: May 26, 2012, 04:53:30 AM »
SME Server 8.0 Release Notes

25 May 2012

The SME Server development team is pleased to announce the release of
SME Server 8.0 which is based on CentOS 5.8

Bug reports and reports of potential bugs should be raised in the bug
tracker (and only there, please);


About SME Server
SME Server is the leading Linux distribution for small and medium

SME Server is freely available under the GNU General Public License and
is only possible through the efforts of the SME Server community.
However, the availability and quality of SME Server is dependent on
meeting our expenses, such as hosting costs, server hardware, etc.

As such, we ask for a small donation to offset costs and fund further

Please visit http://wiki.contribs.org/Donate to donate.

The development team would like to thank all of those who have involved
themselves with this release.

1. CentOS 5 has dropped support for i586 and therefore SME Server 8
   will not work on i586 hardware. [See bugzilla:2845]. i586 hardware
   means processors before and including Intel Pentium, Pentium MMX;
   AMD K5, K6, K6-II, K6-III and Via C3. i686 architecture processors
   are Intel Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium III; AMD Athlon,
   Athlon XP and later.

2. Some notes on SME 8 including help on upgrades can be found at

3. Please note it may take up to 48 hours for mirrors to finish syncing,
   during this time you may experience problems.
   You can download SME8.0 from
   or for other methods see http://wiki.contribs.org/SME_Server_8

Major changes since beta 7
* No major changes were introduced since beta 7

Major changes in beta 7
* Require authentication for all emails, including local.
* Optional - to use ext4 instead of ext3 for file systems
  (except for /boot). At the boot prompt use "ext4" or "sme ext4".
  *** ext4 is considered experimental, so use with caution ***
* Optional - LDAP authentication can be enabled. Once enabled it cannot
  be disabled, so experiment with care.
  To enable: db configuration setprop ldap Authentication enabled

Major changes in beta 5
The policy is to stick with upstream updates unless there are compelling
reasons not to. The number of customers unable to run the software they
want because of the PHP version constituted a compelling reason.

PHP 5.2.10: is provided by the Red Hat Application Stack v2.
5.2 is needed by recent web applications such as OScommerce.

Changes in this release
This section of this README file lists all package changes carried out
by SME-associated developers since 2009 where the most recent changes
to the package are dated after February 2010. The package changelogs
often included earlier changes and changes carried out by non-SME-
associated developers; these were removed to shorten the list. Packages
recently altered by Centos, Redhat, and Fedora-associated developers are
not included.

- Provide support for Selective Restore with modern browsers
- Remove default index.htm from Primary ibay before restore
- Allow backup reports to go to an alternate user instead of admin
  for Workstation Backups
- Improve how Backup to Workstation handles full remote disks.
- Do not make backup fail when due to a modified file.
- Localise the choices for 'Select the type of share for backup
  destination' in the Configure Workstation Backup panel.
- Improve the wording of the 'Backup or restore' server-manager panel.
  Replace term "USB disk" with "removable disk" as this is not
  restricted to only USB disks.
- Improve wording of workstation backup email regarding the set number.
- Do not modify the workstation backup location 'SmbShare' during
  software update.
- Include disk usage in Workstation Backup email.
- A new database property, OpenFilesLimit, allows customisation of
  open_files_limit option in my.cnf. This can allow backups to succeed
  if a MySQL database has a very large number of tables.
- Restoring from a Workstation Backup showed a false failure.
- Workstation Backup emails include a To: header.
- Workstation Backup includes the system name and also indicates failure
  if applicable in the subject line of the email.
- Update backup instructions in server-manager.
- The Workstation Backup panel now removes leading and trailing spaces
  from the hostname.
- Fix removal of leading slash in storage location.
- The Workstation backup to USB panel no longer presents mounted disks.
- Only define Workstation Backup temporary directory once.
- Remove relocate_samba_file and all references to /etc/smbpasswd.
- Improved upgrade compatibility, remove .orig
- create mount point for verify
- remove comment re smbpasswd being last
- Fix mounting usb disks
- Don't backup more than once per day
- Fix full backup on Sunday diplayed as Everyday
- Add more excludes for compressed filetypes
- Porting Jean-Paul Leclere changes in the SME Server 7 tree to SME
  Server 8:
- using credentials file for cifs mount
- workstation backup: add cifs credentials expand to
- workstation backup: allow many backups in the same day
- workstation restore: all needed backups must be available before
- workstation verify: add option to check integrity of backups needed in
  a full restore
- Fix DAR e-mail message with regards to incremental backups
- Fix discrepancy in maximum compression level
- Fix console backup from removable media
- Fix console restore from removable media (Federico Simoncelli)
- Auto-mount USB REV70-drive as usbdisk

File Server
- Gracefully handle upgrades from SerNet Samba (SME7 TO SME8 VITH YUM)
- Change separator character in general Samba configuration file.
- Changes in Samba's "Recycle VFS exclude" syntax (for ibays).
- Use samba3x package for windows 7 compatibility.
- Remove require strong key part of regedit file.
- Backup all the samba tdb files.
- Add dependency /usr/bin/tdbbackup.
- Create/remove V2 profile directories
- Enable bindinterfaces by default
- Set recyle bin permissions
- Add registry file to server-resources to allow windows 7 to join Samba
  3.x domains
- Fix warnings in template expansion
- Fix migrate fragments for samba

LDAP (Optional in SME 8, and considered experimental)
- Create samba account during event for machine
- Keep uid/gid for computer accounts in synch for Unix/Samba/LDAP
- Fixed syntax error in create-machine-account
- Fix samba-group-mapping for users without group membership
- Fix cpu critical patch missing '
- LDAP admin password needs to be loaded in secrets.tdb
- Change authentication from passwd/shadow files to the pam database
- Turba searches on LDAP address book fixed
- Properly handle account with accents in first- or lastname with
  regards to LDAP
- Fix create user gid parameter
- Path for gpasswd command fixed in "init-accounts" script
- All ibay account commands as system accounts in LDAP
- Create ibay accounts as system accounts in LDAP
- Use cpu commands to manage Ibays accounts if ldap is master
- Make cpu calls critical only with ldap{Auth} is enabled
- Check slapd.conf syntax before trying to dump the database
- Simplify ldap-update call by calling ldif-fix
- Change script order: ldap-update should be called after
- LDAP ou field is taken from Dept not Department
- LDAP changes: Add rfc2739.schema back in and include in config
- Use ldapmodify to load ldif, add -a if no changetype
- Remove bogus junk attribute from ldif templates
- Change startup order for ldap
- ldap should store locked passwords for expired passwords
- Add ldap as an auth type to radius
- Radius should use LDAP backend (if LDAP auth is enabled)
- Fix ldap-create errors when adding empty groups.
- The LDAP information for admin was not being updated.
- Don't try to save ibay password to LDAP.
- Fix admin user password change (Daniel B.)
- Init database if the ldif dump is empty (ie from sme8b)
- revert re-init database
- re-init readonly database on post-upgrade
- Force SSL/TLS for remote authentication
- reuse users_groups_ous.patch2
- Separate groups and users with mailboxRelatedObject
- Set readonly access
- Fix ldap-update action script to user-lock event
- Add Groups entries
- Add admin user as a standard user
- Add ldap-update action script to user-lock event
- Add ldap authentication and tls support
- Update schema for newer openldap and remove calFBurl
- Convert ldif dump
- Create bdb log directory
- Change ldap backend to bdb, and fix initialisation problem

- Other fixes include updated translations for the existing languages.
- Add Chinese (Taiwan) language (zh_TW).
- Add Hebrew language (he).
- Fix translation of local nic string in console.
- Add Thai language
- Add Polish language
- Add Romanian language
- Add Estonian language

Mail Server
- Provide option to force the smtp proxy not to use CRAM-MD5
     config setprop smtp-auth-proxy PeerPort <port nr>
     config setprop smtp-auth-proxy MD5Patch enabled
- Fix mail to domain pseudonyms pointing to group with dot in name
- Fix Mail Log File Analysis reports
- Set SO_KEEPALIVE option on client socket to detect dead connections
- Add template fragment for pyzor timeout
- Remove spamd restart from bootstrap-console-save event
- Require SMTP authentication by default when sending to an external
- Fix TLS security defaults, TLS Ciphers for qpsmtpd can be configured.
- Change enabled to transparent for mail proxy.
- Enable authentication for smtp traffic and migrate if necessary.
- Fix pseudonym modification for "local network only" accounts.
- Add smtp auth into web interface, not just when enabled.
- Fix require_resolvable_fromhost doesn't work
- Fix qpsmtpd plugin fatal errors when incoming mail message has no
- Serialize configure_peers to prevent errors.
- Fix SMTP proxy wording in server-manager.
- Fix SMTP auth wording in server-manager.
- New feature: Allow for individual configuration for the number of
  mail logfiles.
- Disable by default the SMTP transparent proxy, however upgrades from
  sme7 will retain old default behavior where SMTP connections will be
  transparently proxied.
- Implement a database key (TlsBeforeAuth) to allow SMTP
  Authentication without TLS. The default remains to require TLS before
  Auth (introduced in SME 8Beta5).
- Update qpsmtpd to 0.84
- Config setting to enable SMTP to ISP Authentication Debug now uses
  enabled/disabled for clarity.
- Fix HeloHost patch.
- Remove cron.daily jobs that are no longer needed.
- Update email addresses on domain change.
- Work around how qpsmtpd tags spam email.
- Use HeloHost (if present) in smtp-auth-proxy.pl
- Allow for changing SPAM subject tag through server-manager
- Move creation of chrooted dev/urandom to spec-file
- Create chroot dev/urandom for stunnel to use
- Updated spec file to require php-pear(HTTP_Request)
- SMTPSmartHost template incorrectly uses brackets to avoid MX lookups
- smtproutes template incorrectly uses brackets to avoid MX lookups
- Remove qmail-workaround and obsolete it after patch to treat
  as a local ip
- Remove spool and log dir from package (in smeserver-qpsmtpd)
- Don't create smtpd user (unused in sme)
- Apply qpsmtpd git changesets to implement custom SPAM subject prefix
- Update pre requires so scripts don't fail on install
- Rebase bad_rcptto patch to remove orig file
- Change logging in tls init to prevent warnings
- Only run/initialize plugins once
- Change spool dir permissions and owner to qpsmtpd:clamav
- Change log dir permissions and owner to smelog:smelog
- don't add qpsmtpd to start-up by default
- add apache config file to qpsmtpd-apache package
- use rpm macros for dirs
- use a filelist for main package instead of a long list of files
- Setup logrotate for /var/log/clamd/clamscan.log
- Remove create option from logrotate configuration
- Setup logrotate for /var/log/clamd/smeserver-clamscan.log
- Fix permissions on freshclam.conf file
- Add HeuristicScanPrecedence option, default to yes
- Obsolete e-smith-antivirus
- Enable qpsmtpd RequireResolvableFromHost plugin by default, remove
  database entry and the database default value
- Tie template fragment into event system to have it expanded
- Add qpsmtpd template fragment for custom SPAM subject prefix
- Remove FuzzyOcr
- Run sa-update every two hours and check restart every hour
- Redirect cron job output to logfile to avoid mail noise
- Fix invalid service name in sa-update

Server manager
- Enhance IP address syntax checking in remote access panel.
- Improve the HTML formatting of the modify quota panel.
- Remove empty <p> tag from footer template.
- Only display error messages intended for admin in server-manager
- Fix css validation errors.
- display reconfigure warning once if UnsavedChanges=yes
- Fix unitialized value errors in HTML.pm

Webmail and Groupware
- Update to Horde 3.3.11, imp 4.3.9, Ingo 1.2.5 & Turba 2.3.5
- Add option to verify from address in webmail if setting up additional
- Add the ability to have a local LDAP Group Address book.
- Templated attributes.php to add ability to have multiple email
  values for a contact. Separate entries with a comma and a space.
- Update to freebusy info in sources.php
- Update to remove turbaContact info that SME is not using.
- Change horde's templated mime_drivers.php file so some additional
  settings can be customized
- Make sure username is always saved in lowercase to horde db's
- Updated spec file to remove requires and obsoletes of
  php-pear-HTTP-Request information moved to e-smith-imp for both sme7
  and sme8
- Update to Spec file to obsolete smeserver-trean < 0.1-8
- Patch to conf.php template to set a blank cookie domain so that FQDN
  and non-FQDN access to webmail will work.
- Remove klutz template from registry.php
- Template imp's mime_drivers.php file so some settings can be

Web Server
- Enable automatic redirection for /server-resources
- Disable SSLv2 by default.
- make user 'apache' an alias for user 'www'.
- Default expose_php in php.ini to Off.
- Add option to disable SSLv2
- Add OpenOffice2 MIME Types
- Add OpenOffice MIME Types
- Add XML MIME Type
- Add Microsoft Office 2007 MIME types

Other fixes and updates
- Add MAC address into console network selection
- Fix non-translated locale in ibays panel
- Improve error message for quota
- Obsolete smeserver-php5-cgi & php-mcrypt
- Initialize ExternalInterface db structure so hwaddr in console works.
- Option to select ext4 instead of ext3 for filesystems at boot prompt.
- Enable quotas on ext4 filesystems as well.
- Only allow backup to (removable) storage media that are not read only.
- Improve error handling when trying to install without NIC.
- Only remove dangling symlinks in weak-updates directories.
- Fix template-expansion for dhclient.conf.
- Improve validation (error) message for remote access setup.
- Change text in hostname and addresses panel for remote host (add
- Fix hostname editing for comments with double speechmarks
- Trap croak inside Net::IPv4Addr::ipv4_in_network to allow a FQDN to be
  inserted in hostnames and addresses panel in lieu of an IP address.
- Add validator back for ip or cname entry.
- Correctly strip numbers from sql scripts
- Enable speedier time synchronisation for suspended VMs, this can be
  configured by a new db key for ntpd, SupportLargeDrift.
- Set the TimeZone property earlier, so templates can rely on it.
- Obsolete KeepAlive and replace by ClientAliveInterval and
  ClientAliveCountMax to prevent SSH sessions from being timed out by
  network inactivity.
- New feature: Default Cipher to blowfish for ssh configuration.
- Add directive "PersistentPasswd off" to proftpd configuration.
- Quota panel should allow non-integers but only accept uppercase units.
- Obsolete magic_quotes_gpc settings.
- Set default timezone for php version 5.3.3.
- Handle no network interface scenario in console.
- Do not allow pool.ntp.org as NTP server.
- Prepare for obsoletion of magic_quotes* when we supply PHP 5.3.0+
- Fix missing space causing errors parsing the iptables rules.
- Migrate MirrorList properties to sme8 repos.
- Remove BaseURL properties if migrating to sme8 repos.
- Remove yum databases and repodata if migrating to sme8 repos.
- Enable cpuspeed by default.
- Fix scriplet error in e-smith-service script when service is disabled.
- Allow use of CNAME in remote hosts.
- Add Obsoletes for php5-cgi-{imap,ldap,mysql,pear,xmlrpc}.
- Restate smartd dependency.
- Fix gettext errors in WAN/LAN subnet error message
- Improve security by using SHA1 algorithm for certificate signing
- Fix eth? swapping
- Bump certificate encryption from 1024 bits to 2048 bits
- Add a dummy call so xgettext can pull translated $ifName in console
  configuration pages.
- Translate $ifName in console configuration pages
- Prevent IP conflicts between local and external interface in server
  gateway mode
- Clean up: remove unused nonetworkdrivers
- Clean up stray symlinks in /lib/modules before depmod
- Allow for different mdadm output formats for DeviceSize
- Add compiled python files to the packaged files list
- Update path for 64-bit compatibility
- Remove hiddenmenu entry from grub.conf
- adds the hwaddr parameter to probeAdapters()
- Update path for 64-bit compatibility
- Add patch (Federico Simoncelli) to prevent re-use of uids
- Fix log-error detection algorithm
- Fix another instance of ups model for new version of nut
- Template sshd login grace time, kept default at 600s
- Enable port forwards to localhost if mode is serveronly
- Adjust xml entry in locale
- Add option to limit port forwards from source ip
- Remove unnecessary Mount Proc line
- Fix owner/perms for radius files
- Fix typo in /sbin/service patch (Federico Simoncelli)
- Exit with zero exit status for services not listed in configuration
  database to avoid failures in post scriptlets
- Merge in SME Server /sbin/e-smith/service wrapper so that only
  initscripts which exist in run-level 7 can be run. This ensures that
  the supervised service is run, if one exists, and protects against
  running "service httpd restart"
- Add requires on e-smith-lib so www user is created first
- Fix regular expression to actually replace the colon with a dot
- Remove the leading path for yum in newrpms
- only unlink file if we created it
- Import only keys not already imported
- set unsaved changes in yum event
- move yum warming to sme yum plugin
- ensure file exists before unlinking
- remove semicolons from yum plugin
- Add frequency of updates toggle
- Add /etc/yum.smerepos.d to package
- Change SME mirrorlists to point to ibiblio
- Require mailx
- Add yum-protect-packages support to prevent removal of needed pacakges

General features
- Based on CentOS 5.8 and all available updates

Ian Wells
On behalf of the SME Server Development Team

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Re: SME Server 8.0 Release Announcement
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2012, 05:56:19 AM »
Just really happy to see this today..to all those "who know more than just enough to get into trouble" thank you for your time and efforts freely given.... :grin:
qui scribit bis legit

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Re: SME Server 8.0 Release Announcement
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2012, 11:57:10 AM »
Excellent news thanks sme team.


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Re: SME Server 8.0 Release Announcement
« Reply #3 on: May 26, 2012, 01:51:20 PM »
Just two words:

Greetings, Johannes

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Re: SME Server 8.0 Release Announcement
« Reply #4 on: May 26, 2012, 02:57:37 PM »

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Re: SME Server 8.0 Release Announcement
« Reply #5 on: May 28, 2012, 02:21:05 AM »

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Re: SME Server 8.0 Release Announcement
« Reply #6 on: May 28, 2012, 07:30:18 AM »
Another awesome release for a software bundle that just keeps ticking over all these years. Thank you team!

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Re: SME Server 8.0 Release Announcement
« Reply #7 on: May 28, 2012, 09:27:53 PM »
Consulente di Smeserver.it -  Soluzioni e supporto su Sme server in Italia.

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Re: SME Server 8.0 Release Announcement
« Reply #8 on: May 30, 2012, 01:59:38 AM »

Lots of hard work, and a good release to celebrate.
- Mark

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Re: SME Server 8.0 Release Announcement
« Reply #9 on: June 04, 2012, 05:28:23 PM »
Congratulations to all!   

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Re: SME Server 8.0 Release Announcement
« Reply #10 on: June 06, 2012, 05:05:20 AM »
I'm personally so excited for this release! 

Thank you to all who put time, effort, energy and finances into this project!  Truly, thank you!
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Re: SME Server 8.0 Release Announcement
« Reply #11 on: June 07, 2012, 01:23:26 PM »
MS Outlook Users:
Dig deep and you will find the Outlook setup page for SME Server v8.0:
It is essential to set up outgoing email authentication in Outlook otherwise all outgoing mail will be rejected as relay.
This is because from SME 8.0beta6 onwards, unauthorised access to SMTP on Port 25 has been prevented, by design, even for users in the local network, and replaced with SSL-authorised access on Port 25.  This is posted here to assist users who have only migrated from V7 to V8 once the production version was released and then found the problem with sending email with Outlook without easily finding the posted solution.
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Re: SME Server 8.0 Release Announcement
« Reply #12 on: June 07, 2012, 09:25:50 PM »
MS Outlook Users:
Dig deep and you will find the Outlook setup page for SME Server v8.0:
It is essential to set up outgoing email authentication in Outlook otherwise all outgoing mail will be rejected as relay.

nmtrier.. please don't hijack topics and multipost

the issue you are referring to is a feature since the first beta release, so everyone should be aware of that..

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Re: SME Server 8.0 Release Announcement
« Reply #13 on: June 10, 2012, 01:08:50 AM »
I waited for a long time .... thank you for this work: p
See http://wiki.contribs.org/Koozali_Foundation
irc : Freenode #sme_server #sme-fr

!!! Please write your knowledge to the Wiki !!!

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Re: SME Server 8.0 Release Announcement
« Reply #14 on: June 11, 2012, 06:24:57 PM »
Congratulations - Donation will be made..