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smeserver-wireguard released

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smeserver-wireguard released
« on: November 04, 2021, 03:11:50 AM »
I am pleased to announce the release of smeserver-wireguard contrib.

This is one more option for those in need of VPN aside with openvpn libreswan, and Softethernet.

Currently the contrib set a dedicated network for the vpn which is interconnected with the LAN of SME. The easy configuration is made primarily thinking about roadwariors with a phone, a laptop etc.

All you have to do is configure some peer as client in the server-manager. Dedicated peer configuration is provided as copy paste or QR code to easily configure your clients.

The manager does not support currently the use of server type peers (i.e. peer the SME initiate the connection to), but this could be done in the near future if needed as an example for site to site VPN.

see https://wiki.koozali.org/Wireguard for more information.

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Re: smeserver-wireguard released
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2021, 11:57:12 PM »
Please note this bug:


It will work OK as long as you leave the network as set, or only add a private address range e.g

Do NOT add a public address range, or an address with a subnet mask that can create a public range.

If you have additional local networks that you have created you can remove them via the local network panel.

We will try and fix this as soon as possible.


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2. Read the Wiki
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