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Internet connection / NIC cards

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Internet connection / NIC cards
« on: December 10, 2021, 06:05:42 PM »
I been running 9.2 since it's release and it's been running fine until now. Clamav stop working and updating. which effects the email and now can't send or receive email and now get insufficent storage space when trying to send email and I have over 300 gig's free. No biggy since I plan on installing version 10.0. I have been trying to install version 10 on 2 Dell poweredge 2950 servers. everything install fine.

My problem with version 10 on these servers are the built in NIC or PCI ethernet cards. Version 10 see what ever card I use. problem is when I select either the built in NIC card or try the PCI and disable the built in NIC, e-smith does not communicate with either of them. Tried install version 10 on the other Dell poweredge 2950 server and the same thing happen on that server. everything install fine. But version 10 will not talk to the internet. Cards in both servers are good and cables are good. even reinstalled 9.2 and it talks to the internet with the same cards.

I'm at a loss here and really want to get version 10 up and talking to the internet and start using it. any ideas any one can pass to me would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Internet connection / NIC cards
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2021, 07:37:07 PM »
v9 is EOL and has been for a year - we have been shouting this from the rafters for a long time. As you might have discovered, there will be no fixes.

No idea on your storage issues but then we aren't going to be fixing that anyway - I guess you have added bigger drives but not expanded the partitions.

CentOS 7 is not technically covered on your Dell:


But some have had success:


Going to have to start by telling us what you see in dmesg for your hardware.

What cards are fitted, are they recognised, what happens when you run network etup etc?

Have you tried a basic CentOS 7 ISO and checked it all runs with that? Might be a live one you can test?

Koozali SME v10 is based on CentOS 7 so if that works then SME should.

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