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Koozali SME v10 to v11 upgrade techniques

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Koozali SME v10 to v11 upgrade techniques
« on: March 17, 2024, 02:34:20 PM »
A question that has been asked quite a bit recently is about an upgrade path from Koozali SME v10 to v11 when it is released.

Remember that Koozali SME is based on RHEL/CentOS and shortly Rocky. We are bound by their policies which means regrettably, like the move from 9 to 10, there is not a fully supported "in place" upgrade.

There will undoubtedly be workarounds, but the RECOMMENDED path will be backup, install, restore.

That is not our decision, but a decision from upstream.

Note that if they don't support it, then it will be way above our pay grade to try and write something!

Please ask if you have any queries, and remember that Koozali doesn't build itself so do please help in any way you can.
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