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smeserver-wireguard released

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Re: smeserver-wireguard released
« Reply #15 on: November 17, 2022, 09:51:55 PM »
i hope those are not the real keys to allow us to connect to your network. if so, delete then and renew them.
Not the real keys...

also one need to force the port if different from the one open on the firewall. Why not the same? you know you could also alter it on SME if you do not want the standard
I had three reasons for doing this:
1) (outdated, I know...) I like to run my servers on non-standard ports
2) I wanted to find out if the Sophos UDP port forwarding would support this configuration
3) I wanted to be able to hunt around for UDP ports not being blocked by the guest wifi that was giving me headaches. 

Since I was commuting to this benighted location 12 hrs/day for a week I created 3 client configurations on my macbook while I was at home - each using different UDP ports.  I then created 3 UDP port forward rules on my Sophos, all going to the SME on port 51820. This let me try the default 51820 (which worked, as it turned out), or 443 (in case the guest wifi operator was blocking 51820 but not 443...), or 53 (in case 51820 and 443 were both blocked, but 53 was open...)