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Aggiornamento versione

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Aggiornamento versione
« on: April 18, 2024, 06:13:26 PM »
Buongiorno a tutti,
ho pensato che e' meglio aggiornare e contemporaneamente migrare su nuovo server una installazione di sme 8.1
Mi chiedevo qual' e' la via piu' semplice e sicura per evitare di reinstallare tutto da capo.
Unico contribs presente (credo) sharedfolders

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Re: Aggiornamento versione
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2024, 07:39:47 PM »
only option is backup and restore. 
your version is not supported since 2017

an option would be to migrate from 8 to 10 directly, but this is not something tested. we only support one version migration. 

you might be aware however that sme 9 is not supported since 2020. but would be wise to at least restore and backup again on it before restoring on a sme10.

also SME 10 will go EOL in june 2024.
We are actively working on SME which will be supported up to 2028. However, it is not close to be released.  So you should also plan another migration soon. 

to verify the installed contribs you might try


however as no upstream repo are available for 7 years it might fail

you could also try
rpm -qa | grep smeserver|sort

you will have all smeserver-* rpms and by removing core one you should find the contribs.

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Re: Aggiornamento versione
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2024, 01:02:56 PM »
Thanks for the reply.

I try the backup and restore route.
Do you have any advice on what type of backup to use?
In addition to the data, I would also like to save the user profiles.

Thanks again

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Re: Aggiornamento versione
« Reply #3 on: April 20, 2024, 01:47:36 PM »
Use the console backup to USB or other device.

That will give you at least one complete backup, and you can attempt a restore to a new machine.

I would try to install onto a new machine - preserve the old one as this may take several attempts.

You could also try taking a backup of JUST the settings, try and rtestore those, and then copy files and user dat over after

These may give you some clues how to do it:



You can also use this method here:


So copy the tgz backup to the new server and then manually try and restore it.

I would suggest you remove ALL your contribs and ALL custom templates before you start (the setting will stay in the config databases)

Make sure you document EVERY step so you can repeat it, and then ask questions here.
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Re: Aggiornamento versione
« Reply #4 on: April 20, 2024, 02:59:43 PM »
thanks for all the replies